Regarding the Balance on ledger report

Hi All

I want to know is there any report of the ledger in which i can get the Debit credit and balance values.


Check the Trial balance report. That should serve your purpose.


on ledger transaction or u can say transactionwise i want the balance, transaction, debit, credit then balance. DO we have such report in AX.

Can anyone solve my problem.

It is not really a problem, you want a very specific report requirement, the first reply pointed you towards the one most likely to suit your needs, if it is not in the format you require then you need a bespoke report. In fairness the TB is very close to your described requirement.

yes trail balance gives the balance of the ledger but the user want the transactional waise balance.

I am not familiar with the reports or how you would approach this, so my suggestion would be to ask a finance consultant, and failing this you will need to modify the report.

ok Thank you Adam

We can generate such type of report from the “dimension statement” report.