Regarding Special order in Purchase Order

Hi all…

Am new to this site… My issue is : i need to list out all the special orders in the sales line in one shot in the Purchase order…

tat means… normally we get the list of special orders by giving the Customer no:. But now am looking for getting all the special orders wat ever there in the system in one click of a button… like whn i press Order → Special Order → Get Sales Line… i wish to get all in one shot… can any one please help…

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Navision list the special order on the basis of customer no only .If you do not want that then u need to alter the code accordingly.

Hi Amol,

Thankyou for ur reply… But am confused on where the code have to be added… Should it be modified on the Purchase order form?

or should it be on Sales line. Am bit confused? Subform properties… Please make ur reply more clear…




Kindly look at the code written on the Purchase Header Table–>Sell to customer no onvalidate trigger

Table Purchase Line → Special Order field onvalidate trigger

Rekha this is not a job you can do yourself, it needs a trained Navision developer. Contact your Navision partner and have them do this for you.

Thankyou so much…

Am gonna check it out… If any queries i’l get back to u …

Thanku for ur comments David…

let me do a try… or else wil contact my Nav partner.


I added a new boolean field in sales header table and make it check using the system itself, whether the salesline have any special order checked. The purpose is to identify the Sales line which contain Special order. Ie, which ever Special orders were there in the Sline, this new Boolean field will be checked by the system itself.Then this wil be filtered out.Also comment the code which filter using the Customer No:And this coding is updated in the code unit 5702 Dist.Integration.Thus i can pull up all the Special orders in one short.