Regarding purchase order entries


I have some confusion regarding the Purchase order entries. Generally when I raise a PO, receive product and invoice, entries related to Product receipt, Product expenditure uninvoiced, Purchase inventory receipt and Purchase expenditure for product are posted.

  1. Is it necessary to setup all these accounts in the posting profiles?

  2. Is there any explanation somewhere where I can understand the importance of each of these accounts?

  3. Right now, I’m doing implementation for a Mobile store. They purchase mobiles from vendors and sell to customers. Which accounts would be appropriate to setup in the inventory posting profile?



As you have selected to post the product receipt entries into ledger, the additional accounts had been considered. You many wish to remove them from AP parameters=> Post packing slip in ledger, select your item=> Item model group=> Post physical inventory.

Refer this:

This should be your call to decide. Sit with the customer and understand what are the accounts that are impacted generally if they are using any other traditional systems and do the same configuration in AX also. This might help you more: About posting profiles | Microsoft Learn

Thank you Kiran. That was very helpful.