Regarding Production Posting

Hi forum,

I am a bit confused regarding Production Posting in AX 4.0. i came to know the accounts affected during production posting are

  • Picking list issue

  • Picking list offset account

  • Report as finished receipt

  • Reported as finished offset account

  • Issue

  • Issue offset account

  • Receipt

  • Receipt offset account

so any one can help me out when each of these accounts will affect and which account should i assign for each type of these account

thanks in advance



This does ultimately depend upon your processes and setup.

If we take the first the pick list issue is the issued raw materials when the picking list is posted from production. The picking list offset is the opposite side to this account. As you are issuing stock to a production order this would usually be considered a WIP account. Therefore when you pick goods for production one side goes to WIP, the other to indicate a value of issued raw materials.

The report as finished and report as finished offset handle the account postings when the production order is flagged as report as finished. This handles the transactions prior to the order being ended, but still theoretically in WIP.

The issue and receipt relate to the ending of the production order when all of the transactions are reversed and placed where they need to go. The recript will reflect the finished goods, the issue the raw materials. The offset accounts would be the WIP accounts previously defined to clear out WIP.

You also need to look at the ledger accounts defined against the workl centres, you do not have them all here.