regarding PO posting


When I am trying to post PO, at the time of posting packing slip, I am getting below error.

" Account number does not exist for Rounding variance and Account number does not exist for purchase price variance. "

I appreciate if anybody can help me.

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I think you are using standard Cost.

So you need to setup the related accounts for Item Groups.

  • Items groups form>Posting(tab)>Standard cost variance

through the above path i set up the accounts related to the Price and Rounding variances.

Even though i set up the accounts related to the Standard costing in Inventory posting, i am getting that error.

Which Posting tab? You mean the posting button? So then which tab? Which accounts? Which item group? What is the item group on the order causing the issue?

When i am trying to post PO(packing slip posting), i am getting this error.

"Account number does not exist for Rounding variance and price variance. "

I set up the all accounts related to the variances and packing slip. And the item group is Television and the item 1000.

On the Item group form, you can find the Posting tab.

See in the Inventory Tab of the Item Group.

Nope the item group posting is tabular split by module with a posting button to define the posting setup by vendor group etc. So is your posting purely configured by item group or is there a vendor overlay. You are using the demonstration data and therefore the standard cost variance tab should not be set by cost group and all items would have 510310 set for standard cost variance. 510300 set for rounding variance. Then you have the other side on the purchase order tab where you have the fixed receipt price profit and loss accounts.

Either you have not set the system up with the required accounts, or the system is wrong. Assuming you have not modified it then I have to believe the system is correct and you have not setup the required accounts. [:D]

Can you define the names of the item group posting fields you have set?

All the posting fields were set up with the required accounts in the items groups form. Even though the standard costing variance set by the cost group, I am getting this error. The problem with only that item only. If I take another item in that same group, i can able to post the PO.

Remove the cost group posting in the item group variance setup and then post - if it fails it eliminates the cost group, if it posts it shows your cost group posting is not set correctly, so then go to the cost group and hit posting and define the accounts.

Alternatively if the posting is set to the cost group and item group the cost group is not written to the purchase line, I believe the item record is referenced - so does the item actually have a cost group assigned?

Also if you tell us this at the start it can actually help because then it is not a global setting so the responses would have been different.