Regarding partial invoice


I am doing partial purchase invoice in AX-2012, After partially invoice, the PO is not appearing in "Purchase order received but not invoiced"

What can I do…



Sorry not after invoice its before invoice…

what is the status of your purchase order? If it has the status “received” then only it comes into the place where you are looking for.


Thanks for reply

Status is Open order…

As Santosh instructed, the POs will come into Purchase orders received but not invoiced list page only when PO has been Receipted completely and NOT Invoiced. So there is no question of Partial here.

Dear Bushan,

add document status field in Purchase Order.

this will give you the detail of your problem.

(1) Partial Received Status will be open order but document status will be packing slip which tells you there is partial received for this PO

(2) if partial received PO is invoice mean invoice is partial invoice is posted then your PO status will be open order but document status will be invoiced.

like wise if you cancel the remaining quantity in your PO then your PO status will change from open order to its default document status which will be received or invoiced.

hope this is all clear for further you can contact me on my skype.