Regarding Optimize AX SQL statement

Hi guys ,

When we write AX SQL statement with fields which we need then how table buffer will react in that case, I mean if i am selecting fields AccountNum, BankAccount from CustTable and making an joing with custTrans on AccountNum field then how table buffer will react or what values they will fetch, That is sure that table buffers will not fetch all the fields from table but i have seen that somewhere in ax standard code that there are selecting some fields but condition is applying on other fields those are not part of selection. Does it mean that after specifying fields also buffer is having all the fields.

The buffer has fixed schema, therefore it still have all fields, nevertheless fields have default values if they aren’t fetched from database. If you have a question about a specific database query, please show the query.

Hi Martin,

Sorry for delay response, Due to some password issue I logged in today. Thanks for your response My doubt is cleared.