Regarding online user with session type "web user", "business connector", "user"

Hi All,

We use Citrix within our environment.

I was just wandering why when I login, if I go to admin → common forms → online users

I can see four accounts under name

One session type = Business connector,

One session type = User

Two session type = Web User (sometimes only one)

Does this also mean that this is taking 4 of my share of user license even though I am the only one logging in ?

If someone can shed some light that would be great and very much appreciated.

Thank you


The bussiness conector is a necessary service to enable the interaction of Applications from EP with the AOS so it is required.

The web user session can be far greater than the current user logged in. It depends of many factors, including the navigation with more than 1 window at time, or processes started by that web user. These web users licenses howeaver consume “enterprise portal Licenses” and not Client licenses. So in this situation you are consuming 2 client users the current user and the bssiness conector.