Regarding navision virus

Suddenly the software stopped working, when we called the service provider, they said that virus has infected the server and now it needs to be formatted. We were using this from past 4 years and now he is saying that everything has gone. Please tell the real case scenario. Is there any way to backup those files. Is there any possibility that service provider is cheating from us to get money from this type of situation.

I hope you were taking a backup of the database every night if not you are out of luck, any company using NAV so far I have seen take 3 backups daily and if you have a backup then you can very well format the hard drive and re-install the OS and then restore the backup and you should be good to go.

That’s a pretty serious accusation but I highly doubt your service provider is just trying to cheat you out of whatever situation you’re in, more like they don’t have the expertise that you need. The 1st question you need to ask is if your service provider have the experience working with virus infections. Most virus infections infect executable codes, which it relies on for expanding, rarely does it infect data that are stored in a database. On the other hand, if you’re infected with some ransom-ware that ultimately encrypts your data, that’s a totally different story and I wouldn’t call it a virus.

My advice to you is to seek help from those with knowledge of virus infections. Even if you don’t have the data backed up or if you want to try and recover the most recent, even live data, chances are, your data is safe from the virus infection. What you’ll need to do is boot up with a recovery OS that can safely read data from your drives. Assuming you can, you will want to back up or copy everything to a safe location for recovery later. That’s when you can wipe out, or to be even safer, install new drives and new OS. Reinstall whatever software that you need, do a virus check on the data you intend to copy back to production, then copy it over. If all goes well, you shouldn’t lose any data, except perhaps those that did not commit when the virus infection occurred.