Regarding Invoice number modification in PO`s


I post the invoices with duplicate invoice numbers in PO. The transactions which were posted correct amounts. So, I have to modify the numbers. how can it be done in AX.

You can avoid posting with duplicate invoice numbers - by using “Check the invoice numbers used” parameter set to “Reject Duplicates”.

Once an invoice is posted you cannot modify invoice number - you need to reverse it and pass the entry with original invoice number.

hi kranthi,

why we used accept duplicate invoice id option?

it means in which condition we have to use Accept duplicate invoice id.?

In our case “vendor Invoice No.” is mandatory in order to post purchase invoice. Now the problem is, suppose a vendor supplied an item having invoice number 100 in the financial year 2011-2012 and the same vendor is going to supply me some item having invoice number 100 in the financial year 2012-2013.

2011-2012—> Invoice No : 100
2012-2013—> Invoice No : 100

It is vendor invoice number so it should not be changed so If you want to accept the vedor invoice no in the current accounting period .you need to select the option as accept duplicate invoice