Regarding Inventory reports

Hi all,

Here I am getting on error when i am trying to pull report for Inventory Aging report.

Inventory Management-> Reports-> status-> Inventory by Inventory dimension Aging report.

Error is: Inventory Dimension does not exist.

And i assigned all the items with inventory model group. Even though i am getting the above error.

Hi Maruthi,

Inventory Model group is different from the dimensions and dimension groups.

Have you selected any dimensions in the report. try by Clicking default - which will reset the selections.

Sorry Kranti. Actually i was mentioned the error as wrong.

Actual Error: Inventory model group does not exist

Looks to me like you have imported data without validation or deleted data through teh backdoor. The message is telling you there is an item set with an item group that does not exist in teh table. Run teh consistency check in basic and fix you issues.

This error will also come, when you have itemnumber in the InventSum table, which does not exist in the InventTable table.

Then you have to remove those records from the InventSum table.

Syncronise will not show you these errors.