Regarding Installation and Configuration, requirement of Desktop before installing Navision 2009

Dear All experts Good Evening,

I would like to do practice on Navision 2009 (Cronus India ltd) at home desktop PC.Could you please help me out.

How to install Navision 2009 and which MS sql required.

Below given is my PC Configuration.

Pentium 4

SATA Harddisk 80GB, RAM 1.5 GB, Gigabyte Mother board.

Please guide me step by step.

Thanks in advance.


Vinayak (Mumbai-India)

Look at this video

Hi Amol,

My system Configuration is ok for this and please let me know how much space and memory required for this.

I am going through that youtube.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Dhanyavad!!! !! !



Practice in Classic version or RTC ?

If classic then your ram looks OK unless you got unwanted services installed.

If RTC then you need min 2 GB ram.

Are you sure its 2009 and not the higher version like 2009 SP1 or 2009 R2.

You can just install the demo version which is OK for you, no need to install SQL, SQL Express will get installed automatically and other Prerequisite Components required by NAV.

Also do not forget to check the errors is any after the installation.

Hi Manish,

Shall i download old version Navision 5 for practicing purpose.

Why to download NAV 5 for paractice purpose Best Download and install NAV 2009 R2 with RTC for practice

Afterwards start playing with NAV 2013…

Yes i did it…and its work. small doubt on this shall we uploan indian database…i have seen that data is cronus in foreign transaction related…if yes where we will get indian database on dynamic user group.

Which country version you have installed ???

If it is India version then It will have all Indian Localization …