Regarding getting input through a dialog box


Table: Employee Table Class: EmployeeDialog Form: EmpDetails

i ve created a dialogbox in the class…

Nw if i run the form and click the new button means the dialog box will open…

Through that dialogbox i ve to get the input and i want to store those datas in the EmployeeTable after i clicked the OK button in the dialog…

Help me with the codings…

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M.Madhan Kumar

You can see in forms : SalesTable , and SalesCreateOrder

In your class you need to write logic to insert the data into EmplTable if dialog is closed by clicking ok.

Try to find out what are the mandatory and required fields in EmplTable.

A sample code…

if (dialog.closedok())


/////do insert here

if (EmplTable.validateWrite())





throw some error here