Regarding filteration of data from Sales Table


I created a form named SALESINFO, and in init method, I wrote following code for filtering the SalesOrders having Invoiced status.


But, I am not getting such SalesOrder, but whole list of Sales Orders

not necessary to add it again, salesTable_ds.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(SalesTable)


Then what is the other possible way to achieve my goal ??? If above discussed code is not necessary ?

The problem in your code is that you’re creating and filtering a new data source instead of filtering the data source that displays data in the form. Use dataSourceTable() to get the existing data source instead of addDataSource(). It’s already mentioned in Kranthi’s reply.

May I know U need this filtration in ur new form apart from that SalesTable form ??? …

then U need to write the above code in ur newly created SalesInfo form INIT method or call Execure Query method.

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You can refer the form called “BankReconciliation” in Datasource init and executequery methods.

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