Regarding error capturing in nav 2009

Hi ,

I want to capture error which is thrown when i transfer data from one table to another table which have a different datatype.Please suggest some answers.

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Bharath K

Hi Bharath,
It depends on how and where you are doing transferring the data.
You could look up the field in the field table and compare data types. But normally if you just want to know if something can “validate”, then you can use the EVALUTE function.

Hi Bharath,
according to my suggestion ,Please use format function or Evaluate function when datatype have different in one to other using codes.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Is there any way to use GETLASTERROR to display the error in a separate table

Moreover I would like to list the error separately in another table and also i want to transfer process to be uninterrupted .
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bharath k