Regarding Deactivation Of "picking List" Button while doing "Confirmation" in Sales Order in Ax


Actually I am doing " SALES ORDER POSTING " ,in which I have to do customization in such a way that whenever I am doing “CONFIRMATION” , then I need to Disable all other Posting Button options (Picking List , Picking List Registration,Packing Slip, Invoice).

And similar to that , when I complete my “CONFIRMATION”, Then only “Picking List” should be enabled and others should be still disabled.and SO ON…

Actually I am trying coading in CLICKED method, but still unsuccessful.Please guide me with proper coading and suggest me the appropriate place to write code. I am doing according to my given customization.

Thanks & Regards

Confirming a sales order wii not change any status.

you can make use of \Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesTable\Methods\lastConfirm and based on this you can enable/disable the buttons.

The other cases like packingslip and invoice, it is not really sounds good to do that. As you can do a partial delivery and can invoice for that and there will be multiple scenarios to consider.

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