Regarding Check Credit Limit Form.

Hello, NAV expert developers!

Today I have a question regarding Form 343, “Check Credit Limit”.

I am trying to block the entry of Sales Order when Customer Outstanding Balance is equal to Cr Limit .

After searching this forum, I kind of got the general idea of what to do.

However, I can not understand how this form 343 is triggered.

By printing debug message in the form, I can tell one of below functions of Form 343 get called:




Can anyone tell me where I can find the code in sales order entry form that triggers these functions?

Any suggestions in studying triggering operations within a form?

I studied codes of Sales Order Form and Credit Limit Check form, but I am getting nowhere.

Thank you for reading this post.

Hi Snam,

You can use DevToolKit’s Where Used function to know that a function is being called by which object.

For Sales Credit Limit, the flow will be as follow:

Table 37 UpdateAmounts function → Codeunit 312 → Form 343



Hello, Tony. Thanks for reply.

Can you explain to me what “DevToolKit” is?

I don’t think I have an access to it. What kind of licence do I need to use this feature?

Thank you.


Hi Snam,

Copied from the Help file

The Developer’s Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be an invaluable tool in helping developers work with their objects and object structure in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database. The Developer’s Toolkit is designed to help you analyze, customize and update Microsoft Dynamics NAV applications. Regardless of whether you are working as a project manager, developer, supporter, trainer or sales person, having the ability to look behind the application is a vital part of being able to create and work with the optimal design.

Examining the structure of a database during development means looking in detail at the relationships between objects, their code and their properties. Such a task can consume a great deal of development time when customizing, developing or updating a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database. With customized databases especially, architectural documentation frequently does not exist, and when it does, it is often out of sync with the implemented functionality. The Developer’s Toolkit provides you with a collection of analysis and development tools that can help reduce the time required to examine the structure of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database and to update customized solutions.

License Granule

You need a Microsoft Dynamics NAV License File (fin.flf) with permission to the Developer’s Toolkit and C/FRONT in order to work with a Developer’s Toolkit database. The program checks all the systems granules from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV license file, like sessions, company and database size.

If you want to export objects from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV application database in text format, you also need the extended design granules for each object type.




The easiest but not very friendly method is to export all objects from Navision in .txt fromat and saerch these functions through the code.

Thanks for helpful tips, Alexander!

I am going for it right now


Dear Alexander,

I tried it but I am getting below error.

Here is what I did.

  • Open object designer

  • select “all” to include Table, Form, Report, etc.

  • Export!

Should I exclude some objects?

My system admin says he has given me all the access he could give.

Any special configuration necessary to view this “BA TABLE”?


  • Snam

You don’t have the right license. You can always use “Code Coverage” to see what’s going on step by step. You don’t have a license that can change any of this anyway, are you doing all this for personal knowledge?

Thanks for reply. :slight_smile:

I am in IT department, but recently started working on modifying NAV reports and certain functions.