Reg. Transfer Order Issue

Hello Pioneers,

These days, I am encountering with a strange issue in “Transfer Order” form in Ax 2009. When the “SHIP REMAIN” field value / “SHIPPING QTY” is 0 (ZERO), then without pressing “SHIP TRANSFER ORDER” button, the “TRANSFER STATUS” value is automatically changing to “RECEIVED”.

Kindly suggest me the ways to tackle this issue.

May I have the reponses please ???

Well if the shipping quantity AND ship remain is 0 it means the order has been shipped. Are you auto-receiving on the shipment? Any screen shots with the 0 quantities, no posted shipment and a receipt? Any modifications/ have you got a developer to debug?

Thanks for your prompt reply, In our case, the SHIPPED QUANTITY & SHIP REMAIN QUANTITY is 0. We have seen in debugger also. System is not allowing us to go for shipping, as the status of the transfer order is changing to “RECEIVED”.

Please Note that, I have Customised the transfer order form, by placing a button for updating the LINE field items with the Finished goods items of the Production order.

If the shipped quantity is 0 it means you have shipped 0, if the ship remain quantity is 0 it means there is nothing left to ship. this would set the status (probably) to received as there is nothing to do. I do not understand if you have a quantity why the two fields would be 0, especially if you have not shipped anything. I would suggest you remove your modifications and recreate the scenario again but you have not actually said the scenario to get to 0 and 0.