Reg RG23A part I


I have posted shipment for a sales order in warehouse shipments after posting RG23Apart I is not updated when i navigate in the posted shipment.

Checked excise bus and product posting are tagged in order structure has excise component.

I there any other setups to be done.



Whether Excise for Delar or Manfucterer ??

Will you able to see excise value on statistics ?

RG 23 A part 1 keeps track of all the movement of goods effected thru purchase and sales document.

In Navision RG 1 = DSA ( Daily stock Account ).

Financial Management - > General ledger - > Periodic Activies - > Excise - > generate DSA

What ever the material you are producing then Your Replenishment method - Production. in item master then at the time when you sell the FG , system will not update the RG 23 Part A I.

If you put the Replenishment Method - Purchase (for the Items what you are producing) in item master then at the time sale system will update the RG 23 A part I.

So Replenishment Method will plays major role .

Dear Amol,

Thanks for your reply

Excise is for manufacturer and in structure values calculates excise in statistics.

What is effect in MRP if you keep as purchase and few items i have as production RG is updating ?