Reg: Record Level Security

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I facing issue with security thing, my task is to user can view only his records when he logged in and administrator should view all users records, i have custom table with field requested by

I want to filter with field requested by in record level security but i am getting error

“Cannot create a record in Leave Request (Table Name). You are denied access to create a record in the table due to the filter criteria set for the row level security.”

I have created privileges, duties and roles for this task but only issue is not filtering the records based on Users in record level security.

If any one come across this please give me suggestions to fix .



When you are getting this error?

Hi Kranthi,


In Record Level Security, when i am trying to create a criteria for table with field Requested By(Requested By is the current user), based on that user should see only his records in Enterprise portal.

I am getting this error when i selected that web mneu link Enterprise portal.



Does it is trying to create a record in leave request table?

Does the Requested field exists in leave request table?

how this field is being updated or when this field is being set? This has to be set before calling insert, might be in initVallue method of the table.

You should really try using the Extensible Data Security. As the RLS might not be supported in future versions.

hi Kranthi,

for administrator the new record in inserting fine, but for other user( added the privilages and duites of role for this user) i have given record level security, for that user only its getting error.

No it is unable to create a new record in the table.

Yeah the field is exisiting(that field is read only, in initvalue i written code for that field to capture the current work when the new record is created it will take current worker).

thanks i will check with extensible data security i will try using that.





Do u have an idea how to add user level filtering in the policies, i have created policies and i have added my table as primary table and i have taken context type as Role name and i given my created role in that.

how to make filtering of records by created user

how can i make user to view only his records in a form.

But this not helped me in resolving my issue for user authorization.