Reg: Microsoft Dynamics Nav native Database Expansion

Hi Microsoft Dynamics Nav Users,

One of my client is using Microsoft Dynamics Nav native database. The database is placed in D drive with 2GB free space left. Now my Microsoft Dynamics Nav native database usage is 92%. Can we expand the database by using the free space around 15GB in E drive by having the database in D drive as usual. I think this is not possible but need to clarify it.

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Yes, you can expand your database to other drive.

while expanding database there is one advance button available there we can specify path.

try this.

Thank you Kanchan!

Your suggestion working fine.

For best performance, your databases segments (files) should be of equal size and placed on disk systems of simalar performance. The data should also be balanced across the files. That means, when needing to increase the number of files, you should backup, create new DB with multiple even sized files, and restore.

When expanding a multi-file database, expand each file the same amount to retain balance.