Reg. Implimentation of Axapta in Hatcheries !!!!!!!

Hi Guys,

Actually I have to do a project in AXAPTA, for Hatcheries. If you have any supporting document regarding the

"Implimentation of Axapta in Hatcheries" , or the processes of hatcheries, naming terminology used in hatcheries etc.,

kindly forward me to my email id:

Its really very URGENT guys !!!

Please Help !!!

This is the methodology. As for hatcheries this is within the template and process as you gather information. I am sure the customer picked the partner based upon understanding or knowledge and this is drawn out through the process. There is no “click and go” for hatcheries.

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Hi Adam,

I didnot find any suitable reference document or link etc. regarding Axapta in Hatcheries…Please guide

As I stated above you will not get specific documentation on hatcheries, you get the whole suite of document templates for the implementation. No one will be able to give you these and you should not expects them, even if a partner has them they will be the IP of the partner and confidential to the client-partner relationship in content. You need to create these based upon the templates (assuming you use SureStep methodology) and the analysis and design process.

Hi Sonia, processes and naming terminology for hatcheries will be strongly related whit the kind of hatchery your are talking about, we have developed a specific vertical to integrate within AX processes the maintenance and harvest of agricultural plantations (pineaple, melon, banana, and many more) and hatcheries (shrimps). The variety of situations and requirements you may have in this segment of the business will make it almost impossible to provide you with a document like the one you are looking for…