Reg:-How to disable the employee field in sysqueryform

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Hi Ramyasrilakshmi,

In report dataSource,'empld is added in the range field node.

Set the ‘empid’ property ‘enabled’ from yes to NO in the range field node of the report datssource.

By this you can hide it.

See the report data source and any ranges are added to it.

For your kind information there is no range in the report

Do u want that field should not appear there?

if yes, Add a range for that field in data source and set the status to “Hide”;

Without giving the range how come that employee id is coming

Do u mean that “A1002” or Employee Id field?

A1002 is coming from your previous run.

Employee Id field is comiing from the index of the table used…


try this…
Goto to the properties of the Datasource table in the report.
There is a property enabled make it no…


As I understand that the fields in dialog box are generated at runtime through Dynamic query. So try to find which method is calling while generating the dialog window. From this you can easily identify the query which is adding ranges to dialog and then you can easy remove this field from dialog.

Eg : Try to open on-had report from inventory module. Here ranges are generated through query which was written in \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventSum\Methods\newQuery.

So I am suggesting you that try to find runtime code.

I hope this helps.



Add this method in the report:

boolean showQueryValues()


return false;


That will stop the report from displaying values from the default index of the DS.


Hi jonas,

where will i get more details about this method.

The description in this article does not really describe the result that I told you about, so I am not very certain any longer…

But I have had the same problem as you and as far as I remember it solved the problem.


Thank you for your help.I have done according to your info and it works properly

What if there are multiple ranges other than for Employee? How can you just disable the Employee range and not the others?

I have this same problem. I need to disable just one range from the SysQueryForm. I don’t want it to show up as a default field in the field list, but I do want them to be able to select it and set it if they want (so I can’t set the status to hidden or that will prevent them from setting that value altogether). Any ideas?


report->properties-> Interactive=NO

report->Query->properties-> Interactive=NO

thats all.

HI Ramya,

For the above requirement u just go to the report data source—>goto the ranges–>add the employee field .For that field properties–> check the status property(defaultly it is open)

if u want to Disable that field set property to lock (it will not allow to add the ranges in the SysQueryform but employee will will come but it is not allow to add range)

if u don’t want that field means u set the property to hide(then it will not visible)

I’ve got the same problem. And untull today I resolve this problem by adding

qbr.addrange() for index fields on table and after that make them dissapear throgh qbr.rangestatus(RangeStatus::Hidden).

But today I found new solution for hiding index fields as ranges in dialog.

All you need it override showIndexFields() method and depend on what ranges in datasource(table) you want to hide, you must return false for those ones.

Here’s an example

I hope, this info’ll be helpfull for others!