Reg. ForUpdate Method

Hi Pioneers,

I am trying to update the “Transfer Order Line” from “ProdBOM” form, for the respective Production Order Id , which is customized & added in Transfer Order Table,in InventTransferOrder .

Please suggest me

Awaiting Your reply pioneers

And what is your question?

Thanks Martin for your prompt reply…

Requirement : - Against every selected Production Order, in InventTransferOrder, the following fields should get updated in TransferOrderLines, when we click “GetBOMLines” button(Customized)…

Item No, Configuration

InventTransferLine.ItemId should get updated from "ProdBOM.Id"
InventDim.ConfigId should get updated from its respective table etc. etc.

Rest I shall do from my own…As I am new to Ax

Provide me code for the better understanding.

Sorry, I’m not going to do your work for you, but feel free to ask if you have some concrete question. Do what you can, show your code if needed, and ask about the particular part you’re struggling with.