Reg. Discount & Discount % field in Sales Order form in Ax 2012

Hi Pioneers,

In Axapta 2012, in Sales Order form, there are two fields, named: Discount & Discount Percentage (%). I kindly request you guys to guide me as how may I populate these fields AUTOMATICALLY. Means, On entering the “Product”, the value should automatically come to these fields. Please guide.

Thanks a lot in advance !!!


you will need to define the trade agreements for this item. Then, system automatically gets these discounts.

Thanks for your quick reply Santosh, I tried with “Trade Agreement”, but unable to achieve the result…can you please explain me once? which values do I need to select frm the lookups in that form ?

The above setup means…for all customers for Item A001 we are giving the discount. 5 USD discount (regular discount on the product) and 3% extra discount for thanks giving day. (just for your understanding)

That would depend upon what you are trying to achieve. :slight_smile:

Post a screen shot of the journal and the sales line. Ensure the journal is posted and ensure discounts are activate in the price setup.