Reg credit note

Which cases credit note is issued to customer? Pls suggest the navigation in AX to create credit note.

does credit note issue when invoice has under payment?

You issue a credit note for many reasons, essentially the customer has said they want credit for a specific reason. Credit notes are not issued for under payment generally, but the business processes will denote this by industry.

Thanks admen

Also, suggest me the navigation in ax to generate credit note

Have you read any of the manuals? Free text credit, return order driven credit, financial credit or sales order credit.

Hope I don’t have proper manuals for this…

kindly share me source where can we find them…thanks

Account Receivable >> Common Forms >> Sales Order Details >> functions >> create credit note

Sorry this is the path for making credit note. not for manuals…

You need to go onto customersource or partnersource. Depends why you are trying to understand the system