Reg : Ax 2012 R2 Production server configuration

Hi All,

My client having 400 users. Can any one tell me that what is the production hardware configuration needed??


Hard Disk…?

Hi Michel,

For the previous versions of AX, MS published sizing guide for ascertaining hardware requirements. But for some reason, it was discontinued.

I would try to use existing benchmark guides to get ballpark requirements for non production environments. But for production if you are a customer contact your partner or if you are a partner contact MS.

Thank u harish…

I have an other doubt that is how can we import product master variants in ax 2012 r2…??

Hi Michel,

You can either create custom script or use DMF. As this was discussed many times here, search will give you more results.

In future, please create new thread if you are switching subject [:)]

Is is possible in DMF… ?? I have tried but we can import only either released products or product masters only.

Should have explained better. My apologies.

From product master variants can be created with little efforts. See here at the end -

Also remember to search here