Refreshing the current record when updating form othere form


i m updating the one from data from the other data is in the current form is getting updated but cursor in the grid is going to the first not pointing to the same record which i had updated just now.for the ex i have 5 record in the grid and currently my cursor is in 3rd record then i clicking on the one menu item button which is opening one more form there i entering some data which should get update in my first from 3rd record and cursor also should be in the 3rd record.but in my case data is getting updated but cursor is going to the first record.i had used the execute query in my second form to update the record in the first form.


Bijesh kumar Singh

You need to use findRecord() after execute query.

Sorry about the RTFM style, but I realized during answering that the topic is summarized in better details here.

Hi Volodymyr

i tried by writing the findRecord() but still i m facing the same problem.datasource is geting refreshed but cusor is goig to first record.


Bijesh Kumar Singh

I think what you want is to update your caller. It’s hard to understand your question exactly.

Look at the method on the SalesTable form called “doRefresh”, and then look at the form InventOnHandReserve method called “callerRefresh”. They do “caller.doRefresh”, which actually runs the method on the SalesTable, even though intellisense doesn’t pick up the method because it’s an abstract type.

Hi Alex.

Thanks It is Working fine.