Refresh problem

hi everyone,

I have a form which contains the Header and line data. one disply method is exists in header part and will displys the total amount value based lines amount values.

here problem is, whenever i enter the data in lines level disply method is not displying the total value unless i press F5.

could any tell me the solution of this…

Siva Mohan

If possible try to place the display method at table level…

Hi Kranthi,

actually the disply method(x++ code ) is in the table only. i just dragged the same in to the form (header level)…

The issue has been discussed so many time actually the header form does not refresh until you will not click on this form or f5.

either you can use timer for refresh this form.

thanks for your reply vijay and i will let u know the solutoin if i get it…

Hi Siva,

In the Line DataSource → methods —> override the write method over there and call the function


you can get the result after you save the line record.