Refresh of demo company

In AX 2012, is there a way to refresh the demo companies (CEU, CEUU…)?

The exsiting company is very corrupted and I would like to go and refresh it but for the life of me I can’t see how.



Well… unless you have done any DB backups at some point, there is no other way you could “reset” demo data.

However you can download fresh AX2012 demo data .BAK files (link from from Partner Source, you will have to restore the database):{9293CD5A-CA33-4160-8E94-09FA934ABFE9}&NRORIGINALURL=/customersource/downloads/servicepacks/microsoftdynamicsax2012.htm?printpage=false&NRCACHEHINT=Guest&printpage=false#Demo

Have you done any code developments on that system? If so, export your application model(-s) first in order to prevent loss of application customizations (or just do XPO export if there are not that many modifications and you are not that familiar with application models). Why am I saying that - because the restore of DB will set back data AND application, since AX2012 stores data and application in DB.