Refresh form calling through class

Hi All,

I want to refresh form which is calling through a class.User is selecting records on form and then deleting them. I used cache remove record method for same but it is working only for first record. how can i achieve this for every records which user selects. Kindly suggest.

recordsCount = Table1_ds.recordsMarked().lastIndex();
table= Table1_ds.getFirst(1);


table= Table1_ds.getNext();



It doesn’t matter how you are calling the form. The form will be refreshed automatically after deleting the records (using the delete button).
Please explain it clearly, if your requirement is different.
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Hi Kranthi,

I have given a button on form which updates data and there are some code on class which has to be recalled when data is updated because i want the form to be refreshed again and data should be removed from that form without opening the form again. How can i achieve this?

Call the research method in button clicked after your data update/delete is done.
Example - YourTable_ds.research();

Hi kranthi,

Data Source is a temporary Table.

TempDB type? Have you tried calling the research?

yes. Research and execute query is not working.

Can you show your code?