refresh button

in nav5…can i add a refresh button??

if yes can you tell me what should i need to do

many thanks

Why exactly do you want an refresh n in what way? then maybe we can say about the coding

F2 is use to validate a value which is already present!

Try to add a new button and put this code in it:


Regards Jan

false? shouldnt it be currform.update(TRUE);?

like he needs to update the field/file/table/form! And code should be in the OnValidate field of the control button!


I think you mean the OnPush trigger of the button.

As to whether or not you should pass true or false to the UPDATE function that is your call. TRUE will save the record before refreshing the form, FALSE will not save it. Depends entirely what the purpose of your refresh function is.

i would like to put the button on the requisition worksheet… to refresh the worksheet…tried to add the button but the button won’t appear if the form is maximized

Did you set the Glue properties?

thanks matt