Refresh after deletion


I have create a class allowing user to post selected lines on transfer journal. The selected line will be posted as a new journal during posting and the line will be deleted from the current journal. However, in the form, the posted lines are still there although it is deleted. I am using menuItemButton to call the class. I know how to do so using button by writing a refresh and reread code on clicked method. But how can I do so if I am using menuItemButton?

Thank you

Hi Rinoa,

You can still use the method clicked of MenuItemButton.

If you want to refresh the datasource from class itself, you can do that by catching the datasource in the main function of the class and after completion of the logic of the class, you can call either the datasource’s executeQuery method or datasource’s reread, refresh and active methods.

You can use that according to ur requirement.

For reference, you can see classes HRMAbsenceCancel,HRMAbsenceApprove etc.

I hope, it will help u out…