Refilling on warehouse


I was wondering how the refilling works. It seems only works on warehouse level, which means the transfer order only can be specified the inventory dimension for warehouse? How about if we want that works on batch number and locations as well?

For example, in WH1, I have a request for 1000 on Inventory Dimension Site1, WH1, Batch1. And the WH1’s refilling warehouse is WH2. Does it mean Master planning will only generate planned transfer order from WH2 to WH1, and no planned purchase orders for WH1 at all??


I set up an item, and enable the warehouse with a “refilling” warehouse, and also “Coverage by dimension” is checked on the warehouse. However I run the master planning, the planned purchase orders are created instead of the planned transfer orders?


Can someone help on this please? It is an urgent issue.

Thanks in advance,

The dimension group controls the item coverage - I would never set this by batch or location however.

In your example the suggestion would always be transfer order as per your rules - it cannot suggest you transfer AND purchase, it has to be one or the other for obvious reasons - you just change the suggestion if you want to purchase it.