Refilling check box in the Warehouse screen in AX 2009

Hi All,
Can everyone help me in understanding the refilling check box available in the warehouseàMaster planning screen?
I have a scenario. For manufacturing a FG Item, would require RM1 3000 nos. RM1 has 1000 nos available in Site “A” & WH “A” and 1500 nos available in Site “B” & WH “B”. So while running Master Planning, AX should create Planned Purchase Order only for 500 nos, so that the On Hand qty available in multiple Sites are been considered.
This is can be achieved by setting ItemàSetupàItem Coverage and specifying the Planned Order type as “Transfer Order” and main Warehouse as “B”. So when we run the Master Planning, AX creates a Planned Purchase Order for the Site “B” & WH “B” for 500 nos and Planned Transfer order for Site “A” and WH “A” for 2000 nos.
Assume my actual BOM Lines has 20 lines, I can’t configure this for each and every Item. I want to utilize On Hand qty available in Site “B” and WH “B” will be utilized in Site “A” and WH “A” demand.
Can this be configured using the refilling warehouse check box in the warehouse screen?
Request to provide a solution / work around for the same.
Satish EC

If you do not want to do this for each item you set the warehouse to refill and do not define the item coverage, this means when the demand is seen due to the refilling it plans a transfer order to drive from B. This is a rule based setup, so B always supplies A and B is the purchasing warehouse. There is no ability to dynamically plan and get the system to suggest without the item coverage rules.

The refilling tick box means the moment you create the item coverage record the planned order will default to transfer order.

Most businesses that set these rules do indeed plan these settings over thousands of item records and multiple warehouses to exploit the strength of the planning engine.

Tick the refilling check box and set the warehouse, then run planning, but this will mean company wide EVERY demand on A would be supplied by transfer from B, this has to be the case because you do not want to define this at item level.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the update.

Still I’m not clear about the Refilling concept in the Warehouse screen. Please find below scenario.

I have a demand for an FG Item for 1 Qty for the Site & WH “A”. I have active and approved BOM available in the Site “A”. For manufacturing FG Item, would require 3000 nos for RM1. On Hand Qty for RM1 is available in Site & WH “A” & Site & WH “B”.

The On Hand details for RM1 is as follows

Site & WH “A” 667.00

Site & WH “B” 55

Enabled coverage plan by Site & WH in the dimension group and as per your suggestion I have not defined the Item coverage rule in the Item Master. I want to consider the On Hand Qty available in the Site & WH “B” for 55 nos during the Master Planning.

In the Warehouse screen for the WH “B”, in the Master Planning tab enabled the refilling check box and specified the main warehouse as “A”. Every demand raised in the Site & WH “B” will be supplied using Transfer Order from Site & WH “A” and Site & WH “A” has become the purchasing Warehouse for WH “B”.

I want to consider the On Hand Qty available in the different Sites, so that during the Master scheduling for RM1 wants to generate Planned Purchase Order for 2283 qty .i.e 3000 – (667 available at Site & WH “A” + 55 avaliable at Site & WH “B”) = 2283, but even after setting the refilling warehouse, AX does not consider the On Hand Qty available in different Site & WH.

Is there any way to achieve this, so that my OnHand Qty available in multiple Site & WH is been considered.

Please suggest.


Satish EC

There is no Dynamic planning, You can have 10 sites all with 10, you need 100, so you have enough, but the system will not tell you to pull them all into one site, they could be in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Argentina etc.

It is rule based. If demand is on A and you refill A from B then it will look at the stock in A and B, transferring from B to A as a suggestion.

In your example your demand is on A and you have said when you have demand on B transfer from A - so there is no demand on B so nothing is called.

AX does not consider all demand at different sites, it is not dynamic in this manner, it is rule based and you have to define the rules. You are looking for functionality that does not exist.

In your example if you set the rule to fulfill A from B you would define this as an item coverage rule (or warehouse rule for carte blanche coverage) the system sees the demand for 3000 at A sees it has 667 so needs 2333, it will take the 67 from B as per the rule and create a transfer order. It will also create a transfer order for 2266 on B and if there are no other order modifiers it will create a PO on B for 2266 to fulfill the demand of the transfer order.

Thanks Adam for the support and clarifying the issue.


Satish EC