referencing field by a variable

Hello all, I have a following problem: I need to obtain the value of the field in record, but the field name is specified by some variable. Something like in VB: Record.VALUE(FiledName), where fieldnName is a variable containig the name (or number) of the interrested filed. In Navision a can obtain the Filed number from it’s name, the string containig the field name but the value? Any workaround welcome. Jozef Kiss

As you may have guessed, retrieving field values by field name is not as simple as it is in some other development environments. If you are looking for a quick & dirty work-around - I really shouldn’t be writing this :slight_smile: - you could create a huge case-statement, something like this: case FieldNo of 1: exit(“No.”); 2: exit(Description); // … end; A slow and slightly less dirty approach would be to use C/Front to retrieve the data. Search this forum for more information. Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV Woerden - The Netherlands