"References" in production order steps

Dear all: Hope you are doing very well. In the production order steps , we can find check box named “References” what is the effect of activate or De-activate this check box in the production orders start for example?? Thanks in advance.

If in the BOM you have a line of the type “Production” the creation of the parent also creates one for the line marked as production. So you have two production orders directly related - these are “References” so if you schedule or start one, do you want to perform the same action on hte related “Reference” production orders.

Hi AdamRoue, if I have a ‘Production’ item in the BOM, can I avoid the auto-creation of the production order for this line when I create and estimate/start the order of the parent?


No, the point of the setting is to create a referenced production order, if you want it to be the item you set it to item and plan for it independently rather than marking it as dependent demand.