Reference table which maps CustPackingSlipJour and CustInvoiceJour table

Dear all,

Is there a table which store reference link information between CustPackingSlipJour and CustInvoiceJour? I know when we do posting invoice, we can choose quantity ‘All’ or ‘Picked’ and not necessarily ‘Packing slip’. But in my case, all posting invoice must be done after posting packing slip. So, back to my question, is there a table which store packing slip id information for invoice id? Thanks



InventTrans will have this information.You can make use of the below query to find the packing slips related to an invoice

while select custPackingSlipTrans
index hint TransIdIdx
join inventTrans
where custPackingSlipTrans.InventTransId == custInvoiceTrans.InventTransId &&
inventTrans.InventTransId == custPackingSlipTrans.InventTransId &&
inventTrans.PackingSlipId == custPackingSlipTrans.PackingSlipId &&
inventTrans.InvoiceId == custInvoiceJour.InvoiceId




Allright, thanks Kranthi. your answer really helps me.

would you know what field to link between the picklist table and the delivery note table?

Thanks in advance


Hi Kranthi,

It’s fine for the Items which are of type Item.

there wont be any records in InventTrans for “Service” type Items. In case of Partial invoices, where can we get the relation between PackingSlipId and InvoiceId.

Thanks in Advance.

Service items will still have their inventTrans , will not be having the onhand/InventSum

I have get the PackingSlipId from InventTrans by giving the InvoiceId. Is is ok? or it may have problem in some of transaciton.