Reference guide for C/SIDE language structure

I get asked very often what is a good book to learn how learn the structure of C/SIDE, and also what books did I use when I started.

I lost my favourite reference guide many many years ago, but when in Australia last month, I found it. The book is called

“The Pascal Handbook”
by Lacques Tiberghien,
published by Sybex.

It’s (obviously) a book about Pascal, but if you just ignore the nits that are not in Navision, then its a great book. Its ideal if you have never programmed in Pascal before, for example if you are a C++ programmer moving to Navision. If you already know Pascal then you don’t need it.

You can pick one up very cheap on Amazon. The Pascal Handbook

The book has no connection to Navision, and teaches nothing about the Navision application, but if you have never programmed in Pascal, and want to learn Navision, then get the book.