Reference book for C/AL

I am new to Navision development. Anyone can advise me a good reference book for C/AL? I have an Application Designer’s Guide but the section for C/AL is very brief. I am looking for more examples.

Hi Chen, at least to my knowledge, the application designers guide is the most complete written docu about C/AL. The online help is very useful aswell, esecially regaring the details about possible syntax. What you might try is to look for code examples/guidelines that some NTRs might have on their homepage - I know the german NTR had once a series on Navision design in their magazine, but of course in german… if you need code examples you have the whole Navision application to discover - there is a lot in there, and in fact, studying the standard will make you learn a lot and getting to knwo the standard is essential for Navision programming. Saludos & enjoy Navision Nils

Wow, we see this question pop up again and again. Seems like someone who is very good at C/AL could write a C/AL in 21 days and make a pretty good sale on it. Of course if Navision would allow… Doug Sluder Computernetworkx

I completely agree with you, Doug. It’s somehow surprising that with all the market coverage and size of Navision there does hardly exist any secondary literature in the market - I have only seen two books in german about Navision… when you compare it to the literature availabe for other ERP systems (like SAP R/3 or Oracle Financial Apps) it’s definitly a good idea… anybody out there fancing writing… Saludos Nils