Reference between 2 tables in Dataport

Hello, i want to use two tables in one Dataport with a reference. In the First Table (Customer) i use SETFILTER for Salesperson (OnPreDataItem). For the Customers from this Salesperson i want the whole Ship-to-address. I use “Ship-to Address”.SETRANGE(“Customer No.”,Customer.“No.”); in the “OnPreDataItem”. I doesn´t work : no error but no entries… I want to use the Ship-to-Adress with DataItemIndent but then Navision want´s the file format UPXML an i want variable. Is there any other way to use an reference between two tables and filters in a Dataport ?? Thanks Dan

Sorry, but this is not really possible (at least not directly). There are options to achieve this if you: Do not indent the second DataItem You fill a temporary copy of the table with the records from the first dataitem. You do not filter for the records in the second dataitem, but skip them if they do not match one of the records in your temp table.