Reduction of forecast

Hello everyone,

I have a doubt about reduction keys and sales orders.

Can someone confirm that past forecast is ignored but past sales order which are inside the reduction period (even if they have been invoiced) keep reducing future forecast lines (which are also inside the reduction period)?

For example, a fixed reduction period which goes from 01/01 to 31/01.

Today is 15/01 and there’s an invoiced sales order of 100 units placed on 12/01.

There are just two forecast lines: 50 units on 16/01 and 75 units on 17/01.

Is it correct that AX 2012 would only show 25 units on 17/01?

Version is AX 2012 CU 12.



As you theoretically plan forward the question is not really relevant - any real sales order you will have planned for. You will make/buy for that sales order and any forecast depending upon your approach.

Think about what happens when you run the plan on 31/12 and plan for the period. For me you have forecast 125 units for the period, you have a sales order for 100 therefore the net of the forecast is 25. You are still making/buying 125.

You have not actually said your reduction configuration, which would have an impact depending upon when you run and when you firm orders, but in my view and your description the 25 units on 17/01 would be correct.

The reduction configuration is the configuration of the reduction key? The reduction periods are fixed months.
Thank you Adam, you have solved my doubts.