recursive relationships ... how to split ?

hi, now another general problem with databases … i have got a table with articles and their are articles which are identical with others … when searching for an article i also want to see these identicals … so i think about building another table … the theoretical way to solve this is to save every possible combination of identical articles in this table … but i don’t really know how to program this in navision so it does not take too much time when input another record and navision must check and build all possible identicals … the problem is that almost every article is identical with another … i thought about a solution in which the new article is related to only one of its identicals and a second codeunit which builds the other relations recursively when its time for such an update … maybe in the morning befor work starts … so what do you think … thx *** quack ***

Pduck, to the basics: How could one article be identical to another. You probably have an item table, where the item “No.” is the primary key, and thus unique. Where do the identical articles come from? Or are they som sort of variants? Pelle

ok i tell you about my database … it is not navision itself … that means in our real article table their are every articles saved unique … so we produce equipment for bath (tubes) and we want to manage all the bathtubes we get from the producer … so i make a couple of tables in which all these bathtubes are linked with every article we have for it and so on … so the main table has every bathtube with an unique number … the problem is that their are some producer who give us a bathtube which is identical to another one from another producer … you must add a new record cause it is necessary to manage both bathtubes on its own and also to see every identical to every bathtube … hope that helps you to understand my problem … *** quack ***