Recurring Sales Invoice

Hello. I have been looking for a recurring sales invoice add-on, but I have not had any luck with finding a company or individual that is willing to sell one. Does anyone know of a recurring sales invoice add-on that I could get pricing and feature information on?


What exactly are you looking for? What type of recurring invoices?

Maybe you should take a look at the whitepaper regarding Jobs which is available in the Download section. Here you can see that recurring invoices are part of the job module of Dynamics NAV version 5.0.

Unfortunately the client does not have the Jobs module and currently they are on 3.7. I know that Simcrest has a recurring sales invoice add-on, but unfortunately we have not bee able get a price from them.

Basically, we are looking for something with the same functionality as the recurring payable journals (start date, end date, fixed or variable amounts, and a formula for how often these entries occur (1M, 1Q, etc)). These would also need to populate the invoice header and line table to create the actual invoice.


Actually that seems pretty straight forward. It might be simpler in the end to get your NSC to create this for you.

Well, then my suggestion number 1 would be to wait a few months and upgrade to version 5.0 - where in the world is your client?

An alternative would be to “be inspired” by the solution done by Microsoft for version 5.0. Then when they later upgrade to version 5.0 they would be able get a very easy upgrade path into the standard functionality. I’ve used this approch many times, so I can recommend it. The solution they have done for version 5.0 looks really good.

Sorry about the slow response. Thanks a lot for the information. Right now the client is on 3.7, but we have already discussed the possibitlity of upgrading to 5.0. I think this is an excellent selling point and in the long run would save them some money.

Thanks a lot.

No problem!

I would still recommend you to check up with one of your developer regarding the possiblity of using the Jobs module of version 5.0 and use it in version 3.70 - to what I’ve seen that it should be possible.

I am using NAV 2009

how to do Recurring sales invoice?