Recurring Journals - Posting Date not moving forward after Posting

Hi There,

Having an issue with Recurring Journals. For example, I am creating 2 lines for a Recurring Journal which both post however the information for one line does not adjust the Posting Date to be the next relevant date.

For example, the Posting Date is 11/30/11 for both lines but after posting one post date is 12/30/11 while the other is 11/30/11.

This only started recently. Is there a user setting?

Thanks in advance.

Stuart M

Only reason I can imagine - Recurring frequency by mistake set to -1M+1M (or 1D-1D)…

This gives always the same date, and can occur if someone accidentally deleted 1M in original 1M+1D-1D, widely used formula to get next month’s last date never mind how much days are in that month.

Solved the issue.

Deleted my ZUP file and let NAV create a new one for me. Oh well…


That sounds strange - ZUP file stores user’s interface and some filter settings, report parameters and so on, it couldn’t cause the behavior you described…