Recurring Journals only update first line date


when we make a monthly post from a recurring journal, only the posting date of the first line is update. The other lines kept the initial posting date.

In Version ES 4.00 SP2 (4.0 SP2).


Any expiration date on the line?
What is the recurring method and frequency set to?

In Portuguese localization (Which is similar to Spanish) we have a bug that only updates first line. Check if it’s the same bug in partnersource.

Thanks, I have send the issue to my partner. I will post the response here.

It happens with diferents recurring Methods and frecuency with no expiration date.

I’m just try with F Fixed recurring method and 1M recurring frecuency (no expiration date) and only update the first line.

Did you received any information from you partner?

I post the problem yesterday (18/3) and they return me a case number.

Their final response will came in about 15 days. I will post it here. Thank you again.

That problem should be a correction with 1 or 2 lines of code. But I would be pleased to know if I could help you.

Thank you Nuno, but the problem is not great and I like my partner to resolve it. They have to resolve it, because it is an Navision Error and they are our “partner”.

Thank you again.