Recurring Journal

Once we set up entries in the recurring journal with the Recurring Method set to variable and let’s say there are around 50 entries. Out of all the entries if some entries do not have a value every posting period then the amount is zero for that entry. But, if you try to post the transaction an error message is displayed saying that transactions with a zero dollar value cannot be posted. But, if the client deletes this line then they have to reenter these lines again. Is there anyway to keep entries with a zero dollar value in a recurring journal for future use. N.Anu

Did you try filtering out the $0.00 entries prior to posting? Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi Anu, Maybe you can try opening different batches for transactions which have similiar tendencies. For eg. you should not mix rent and telephone expenses in one batch as the telephone expenses may be paid bimonthly and rent monthly. So that you will not have to delete the zeroes before posting. Rohith Kamath Senior Consultant The Naviworld Group

Hi Anu For those lines that are to have a zero dollar value, your client can put in an expiration date (set to a date before the posting), post the journal and then remove the expiration date after posting. This way they do not need to delete the lines at all. Cheers Peter

Hi Anu, As David mentioned above, set a filter on the amount <> 0 and post. It works, our customer does it all the time. Have fun Faizel Fazielt

Just make sure you update the date the next time you use one of the recuring entries which was previously set to zero as the dates don’t get updated when they are filtered out. Paul Baxter