Recurring General Posting Error

Hi All,

I’m trying to post some entries in Recurring General (Financial Management → Periodic Activites → Recurring general), but posting is not happening.The error is (Gen.Posting Type must not be in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=’’, Journal Batch Name=‘REC-JNL’, Line No.=‘20000’). I guess it is some setup or value related setting problem. I checked the G/L Account Card,Gen.Posting Type is not blank.

Would anybody guide me,where i should check related setup & value.



Have you checked the actual journal?

If any of Gen Posting Type, Product Posting Grp, Business Posting Grp and the 2 VAT posting Grps are completed on a journal, it normally needs all these fields need to be completed. Make sure all of these fields are blank, or all are completed.

Hope this helps