Recurring General Journals Problem

Hi, I’m having problems posting a recurring general journal - the test post report appears fine but when I actually post it gets to the ‘Updating Lines’ progress bar and then throws the following error : ‘There is not Accounting Period within the filter. Filters: Period Type: Day, Period Start: "…06/08/04’ 06/08/04 is the posting date on all the journal lines. I guess this is a general ledger setup issue, but I do have monthly accounting periods setup for all months in 2004. Any ideas? Thanks, Jonathan

Hi Jonathan What is your recurring frequency? Looks as though the period is 1D so it is looking for the accounting period of a day to roll the next journal date to. It is referencing the accounting period, so you will need the period type Day set up in the accounting periods, so every day of the year is an accounting period. Try 1M it will work then! Hmm, just tried it here with 1D as the recurring frequency and get no problem posting it and have no accounting period of Day set for the fiscal year - must be something else sorry [;)] I suggest you double check your accounting period, what is the recurring method?

Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply. My recurring period is 7D and I only have monthly accounting periods. Jonathan

… and recurring method is Variable.

Jonathan I do not have Navision on this PC but: Assuming it is not an early version. I think this is for (GB) UK version only General Ledger Menu > Setup > Calendar there are some options Use System for Day Use System for Week Use System for Month If the Day one is not set to system it will try to use the Accounting Period table which will be blank as your message. This could be your problem! Let us know!

Many thanks David, that solved the problem!