Recurring Expense Items

Is it possible to set up item cards for items that are purchased frequently but that we do not want to track on-hand quantities for? Any flags that can be set in order to indicate that this is an expense and not actual inventory? If not, I would appreciate advice on how to handle these types of purchases?


Just post it to a G/L Account instead of an item.

I am trying to avoid having to enter a description of the item everytime we purchase it. We buy a lot of things like glue, paint, solvents etc that we don’t want to track quantities on hand for but that are frequent and recurring purchases. Our current system enables us to set up items as expense items for just that purpose and I am wondering if there is something similar in NAV. There may not be, I have read the help files and done some googling on the subject with no luck. I was just curious to see if anyone else had found a way to handle this.

As Matt said already - post the purchases directly to GL Accounts, that is common approach.

However, companies willing to track the quantities and type, too, not only amount spent on “consumables”, can:

  • set up them as Items with special PG(s)
  • set up Location = “Consumables” or “Minor Assets” or whatsoever to distinguish this stuff from all other types of merchandise
  • write them off regularly per M/Q/Y or upon start of actual usage

Which approach you choose is upon your companie’s inner standarts

Thank you, I will pass along this information.